Welcome 2017 Michigan State University (MSU) – American Semester Program (ASP) students!

Twenty-nine students from Australia, China, France, and India kicked-off the sixth annual American Semester program (ASP) in Social Media for Business and Digital Marketing by getting a tour of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences! The program is intended to provide students from around the world with an unforgettable experience on a true American … Continue reading

Top 4 apps for social media managers

As Social Media Managers, it’s hard to juggle the endless list of social media platforms that your business uses to advertise and engage with customers. Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming, but there’s no need to stress out because in this technologically advanced world there are apps to help you manage those apps! 1. … Continue reading

Growing your influence – the Klout way

Various tips for boosting your Klout score: ============================ Source: http://kfluent.blogspot.com/2012/05/9-easy-ways-to-increase-your-klout.html 9 Easy Ways to Increase Your Klout Score 1. Build a Network of Value The key to increasing your Klout score is similar to finding success on any social network in general: Build an engaged network of people who would be legitimately looking for you and interested in you and your content. Every step after this can only make it better. … Continue reading

History, As Recorded on Twitter, Is Vanishing From The Web, Say Computer Scientists

(SourcE: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/429274/history-as-recorded-on-twitter-is-vanishing-from/) Almost 30 per cent of recorded history, shared over social media such as Twitter, has disapeared, according to a new study of the Egyptian uprising and other significant events 14 comments THE PHYSICS ARXIV BLOG Wednesday, September 19, 2012 On 25 January 2011, a popular uprising began in Egypt that  led to the overthrow … Continue reading

20 Essential Tips for Better Twitter Etiquette

(Source: http://goinswriter.com/twitter-etiquette/) I’ve been on Twitter almost since it started. I love it. While it’s become more mainstream recently, I still find a lot of people misusing Twitter. To be fair, it’s a user-driven platform, so the “rules” are always changing. Still, there are some simple practices anyone can use on Twitter to make you not look like such a … Continue reading

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