Manage your Twitter followers

Here is a list of tools that you can use to manage your follower base:

  1. ManageFlitter (easy to use, select 100 tweeps in one click – or all)
  2. Untweeps (one-by-one selection, but unlimited)
  3. JustUnfollow
  4. Tweepi
  5. Twitter Karma
  6. Twiangulate
  7. Followerwonk

Also of interest, here are 6 insights shared by Chris Brogan when he decided to unfollow everyone – as an experiment (source:

  • People React Before They Investigate
  • People Tie Emotional Worth to Following
  • People Want the Channel Open
  • People Want Reciprocity
  • On Following Back
  • Social Media Users Have Lots of Perceptions of the “Rules”



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