(source: http://12most.com/2012/07/16/ways-to-raise-your-klout-score/)

In the social media world, Klout is the way to measure your social influence. Your Klout score can affect you in many ways: it determines what kind of perks you are eligible for, whether or not a brand responds to you, and even whether you get a job or not. That is why it is important to do everything you can to keep your Klout score up!

Here are 12 ways to raise your social media Klout:

1. Connect networks

The more you connect, the more accurate your score. Klout is always adding new platforms to the algorithm so you can really account for all your social media influence.

2. Get RTs

Being influential on Twitter equals tweeting things of value. What better way to show you’re valuable than by having someone else share your thoughts? More retweets means higher Klout score.

3. Leave tips

Foursquare tips are one of Klout’s best kept secrets. When you leave a tip at a location and someone has done it (or adds it to their to-do list) that shows you are influential!


It is so easy to “like” something on Facebook. Anytime someone “likes” something of yours it adds to your social influence and raises your Klout score.

5. @replies

It’s not all about retweets! Tweeting something that promotes engagement and conversation, such as an @mention, increases your social influence according to Klout.


Similar to @replies, posts that elicit engagement in the forms of a comment shows you are influential. Remember, a comment takes a lot more effort than a “like” so comments are weighed heavier!

7. +1’s

Google+ has hopped on the Klout bandwagon and a +1 on G+ is the same as a “like” on Facebook. It’s not just about being influential on Facebook and Twitter but on social media as a whole!

8. Thanks and…

If we know that @mentions help your influence, why should we ever end the conversation! When someone retweets or engages with you, you can thank them and follow up with a question. Always keep the conversation flowing!

9. Choose the right blog platform

If you’re a blogger, Klout has a home for you! You can connect your blog to your Klout profile if you pick the right one. Klout doesn’t offer connection to all platforms so hope that yours is applicable.

10. Follower/following ratio

As a general rule, you should try and have more followers than people you are following. This ratio is taken into account when calculating your Klout score.

11. Remain active

Your Klout score can change in an instant. To remain high and steadily increase you need to be consistent on your social networks.

12. Be artistic

Klout is compatible with networks such as Flickr and Instagram. Being active on these sites and getting a lot of engagement will help your Klout.

Although the exact Klout algorithm is top secret, these are proven ways to increase your Klout! While Klout is not the only way to measure your social influence, it is one of the best indicators we have so far. Go out there and be influential!

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