Ryan Bradley Photo

Ryan is a current Master’s of Media and Information student at Michigan State University. Ryan is originally from Sydney, Australia, and has a strong mathematics, statistics, and scientific background. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney. During Ryan’s undergraduate study, he majored in Enterprise Systems Development and Data Analytics.

For the past 3 years, Ryan has also been an Academic at the University of Technology, Sydney. Ryan’s main teaching focuses revolve around the development of Desktop Applications, Android Applications, Dynamic Web Applications, and various types of Web Services/API’s.

Ryan also has industry experience in Data Analytics where he was the key team member of a Content Analysis company. During his time in the industry, he and his team built an automated Content Analysis platform which connected to various API’s, such as Google Analytics, YouTube, and Facebook. This platform utilizes aggregations, statistical functions and manipulations, and various Visualization techniques to allowed publishers, brands, and any content writers to effectively score, analyze and rank their content with respect to all of their other content, regardless which platform the content items have been published on.